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I combine knowledge of Tarot with a strong intuitive awareness to help clarify issues, facilitate decision making, tap into higher wisdom,  expand awareness and clear blocks to success.  

I use Tarot as a psychological and spiritual tool that can help you cut through blocks, gain objectivity and make wiser choices about life.  Tarot can help you identify your projections and direct you in deep shadow work.  A Tarot reading offers many avenues for guidance, direction and problem solving.  Learn what your best possible choices are, what lessons you are learning, and how you can turn challenges into opportunities for growth, happiness, better health and success.

My Tarot readings focus on helping you to gain insight into issues rather than offering predictions.  My goal is to empower you by providing clarity and understanding.  During a reading I may assist you in understanding others, however, readings are always about you and how you can improve your situation and life.

A Tarot Reading is a Mirror of Your Life. 

A Tarot reading Provides a mirror of what is going on in your life- past, present and possible future.  It helps you clarify your thinking, feeling nature and how that can manifest in various areas of your life such a health, work and relationships. 

A Tarot reading is not fixed.  Tarot is a holistic, symbolic system that can give you a broader perspective by allowing you to look at yourself through a more objective lens.  
Massage and Energy Work
List of Service

Full Session Massage
& Energy Work
1 Hour Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage $85
90 Minute Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage $125
2 Hour Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage $140
70 Minute Crystal Energy Therapy and Massage $115
Huna : Advanced Healing Energy
40 Minutes for $80
1 Hour Crystal Healing Session $80
90 minute Hot Stone Massage $125
Access Bars Energy Healing & Massage
90 minutes for $110
Access Bars 40 Minutes$60
Herbal Consultation $85

Coming soon: Herbal Classes

Restoring Well-being with
                   Wild Earth Wisdom

Herbal Consultation

When you come in for an herbal consultation
  1. Your initial visit will take between 1- 2 hours.
  2. Bring all bottles and packages medications, supplements and over the counter drugs you take.
  3. Print, read, fill out and sign all forms in the link below.     

In brief, all matter is made up of atoms. All atoms vibrate and all groupings of atoms vibrate. Humans, animals, kitchen tables, throw rugs, rocks, stones, crystals, all vibrate. Each group has a range but each individual has a personal vibration. We all evolved on this planet and we all have some synergy with the things upon it.

Crystals hold their frequency much more stably than humans, who are very easily thrown off their home frequency. Crystals can remind us of our healthy home frequencies. This partnership is a gift from Mother Earth.

How can it help you?

Crystal Therapy: Feeling stressed and frazzled? Low energy? Perhaps you just want to meditate during your massage. I place an appropriate stone in your receptive hand, heart center or third eye. And you just tune in. Ahhhhh.

Crystal Massage: Light touch energy massage or Deep Tissue crystal sphere massage.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing: Appropriate crystals placed on each Chakra and left in place while the chakras attune to the frequency of the stones which resonate with the proper frequency of a health balanced chakra.
Are you attracted to gems and crystals?
Do you have a collection of crystals, gems and stones and want to learn how to use them in fun, practical, yet powerful ways? Or, maybe you want to learn more about them before you begin collecting? Are you interested in the seemingly paradoxical relationship of science and spirit?
Learn how and why crystals can help you.